Celine Rae – Yes Girl (originally by Bea Miller) (Live)

The Atelier Sessions is a live sessions by singer and songwriter Celine Rae and her live band. In this live performance Celine performs three of her favorite songs. Songs that inspired her and her original music. Enjoy ‘Yes Girl’, originally by Bea Miller.

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Director/Producer/Editor: Callum Stamp

Live Recording Produced by Celine Rae
Mixed by Celine Rae and Ronald Fietje
Engineers: Ronald Fietje and Urbaan Titulaer
Recorded at Rotterdam, NL

Live Recording Credits:
Vocal: Celine Rae
Vocal: Aylin Rooijakkers
Bass & MD: Dean Rijke
Drums: Tim Velgersdijk
Guitar: Mika Vermeulen

Cinematographer: Callum Stamp
Camera Operators: Callum Stamp
Behind the scenes photography: Morwenna Boulter

Filmed on location in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
December 19, 2020

© Celine Rae Music, 2020

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