Dan + Shay – I Should Probably Go To Bed (Official Music Video)


All of my friends
Finally convinced
Me to get out of the house
To help me forget
To help me move on
Then I heard you’re back in town

In a crowd of strangers and lovers
Someone told me that you were coming


I should probably go to bed
I should probably turn off my phone
I should quit while I’m ahead
I should probably leave you alone
‘Cause I know in the morning
I’ll be calling
Saying sorry for the things I said
So I should probably go to bed

So I don’t undo
The got over you
That it took so long to find
‘Cause all it would take
Is seeing your face
And I’d forget

Before I question my decision
Is it love, I know it isn’t
Now I’m all up in my head again
‘Cause I know I don’t

Have the self control
To walk away if you walk in
I know I should probably go to bed
I’m all up in my head, I should go to bed

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